An interview with Larry Haffner


Today we will hear from Larry Haffner who is an Asset Sustainment Manager at BC Hydro to hear his perspective on gender parity.

What do you think of when you hear gender parity?

I recognize that there has been discrimination based on gender which I believe is unfair. I think there should be equal opportunity for learning, working, advancement and promotions without bias either way. So many talented people stuck because they or others don’t have the belief that ability is not gender based.

On the international women’s day website they have some pledges: . Which pledge topic(s ) resonate with?

I think just treat people without bias.

What do you see happening in the workplace around gender?

I see more and more women in the workplace and being very successful and that should continue.

Are quotas useful?

Quotas have been used with other groups that were discriminated against and there was some backlash particularly as a reverse discrimination perception. We should avoid quotas and focus on increasing the capacity, training, experience etc that would enable fair competition.

What would bring us closer to gender parity?

The role of women has changed over the last century and it is understandable that society takes time to develop confidence in that gender parity can increase the capacity of companies to be more effective, productive and profitable. Best business practices would have included gender parity.

Thank you Larry for taking the time. Coming up in a few days we  will hear from Jenny Chen an early talent from SAP.

There are only 24 days left to our big Marquee event!  Registration is coming soon.

All the best

Steph Redivo (Social Media co-lead)

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