Stephanie Corker, People Brand Strategy Director at lululemon

Steph CorkerStephanie Corker, People Brand Strategy Director at lululemon athletica Inc, is friendly, energetic, and professional. Working for lululemon by day, you’d never guess that she’s sort of a superhero outside of the nine to five workday. An avid triathlete, Steph is a true believer in setting goals with soul. A five time Ironman finisher, including the grueling Ironman Hawaii, clearly  Steph knows a thing or two about setting goals and sticking to them. She will be speaking about her pursuit to goals as they relate to all aspects of our lives at the 4th Annual Bringing Women Together event in Vancouver, on March 6th, 2014.

Originally from Toronto, Steph wasn’t enjoying her job as an actuary, so she decided to move to Vancouver for what she thought would be six months. That six months has turned into ten years, and she’s lived in Vancouver ever since. She began her career in recruitment at an executive search firm on a three month contract working on recruiting executives to join John Furlong as he created his VANOC 2010 team. This experience opened her eyes to various other organizations in Vancouver and what it meant for people’s lives to relocate to the most beautiful (and one of the most expensive!) cities in the world.

Prior to joining lululemon, she also worked at Business Objects/SAP and Best Buy Canada Ltd.  Steph has been at lululemon for four and a half years now, where she has had the opportunity to grow her career tremendously. When she joined the lululemon team, the Store Support Center consisted of 250 employees, which has now grown to over 1,000 individuals. Steph led the team that hired over 800 employees in a few short years.

As lululemon has grown, Steph has had the opportunity to raise the “people vibration” and align the recruiting strategy with their people strategy: the law of attraction at work. In her current role of People Brand Strategy, her mandate is threefold:

  1. Employer brand –how are employees’ stories shared around the world.
  2. Internal talent – how are internal employees moving around the organization; what programs are required to develop our people from Educator to Designer.
  3. Goals Alive – how are lululemon’s people’s vision and goals connected to the overall happiness factor at work.

Goal driven, inspirational and an extremely positive individual, Steph contributes to her very own blog (, where she shares tales from her journey. Digging through older posts, it was hard to stop myself from reading (as I had to write this blog). She is one of the most positive people I’ve ever encountered, and she has a lot of words of wisdom to share with the world. She is passionate about sweating, but you can tell that she is passionate about so much more – friends, family, food, travelling; basically – ‘living the dream.’

On the topic of work-life balance, which I feel is one of those questions that everyone is searching for an ideal answer for, she simply stated, “Choose wisely – it’s what you want it to be. If you’re looking for permission for balance – you’re looking in the wrong place.” Work-life balance, she says, is about how we want to spend our lives. She makes choices wisely based on what matters to her most, which in her case means waking up at 5am to reach her goals. In her words, “Know what really matters to you, and you’ll find your version of balance.”

On the topic that she’ll be covering at BWT 2014 – ‘why setting goals with soul really matters,’ she poses the following question to those who are attending:

If time, money and all the love from your friends and family was abundant, how would you be spending your days in the year 2024?”

It definitely gets you thinking about where you want to be 5 and 10 years down the road. Please, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

Personally, I am thrilled and am looking forward to listening to her speak at the Bringing Women Together 2014 event. I am absolutely certain it will be a truly inspiring event.

Hopefully, I’ll see you there! Get your ticket at


About BWTVancouver

Bringing Women Together is an event organized voluntarily by a group of women from various professional backgrounds in the Vancouver, BC, area looking to inspire leadership and networking opportunities among peers in their community.
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